Media Relations + PR

Campbell PR offers a range of Public Relations services including, media relations, news positioning, research, writing and development of custom media contact lists.

Publishing & Distribution Services

We publish the highly acclaimed that logoes on trends in the automotive industry and news about automotive journalism and those who practice it. is comprised of an e-newsletter with companion blog, a newswire distribution service for the automotive industry and the Autowriters Registry.

E Newsletter

The Newsletter is delivered to the inboxes of more than 3500 automotive journalists, including freelancers. It is also a read by PR and marketing professionals and a growing number of automotive enthusiasts.

Autowriters Newswire

Additionally we operate the Autowriters Newswire a trusted source of information amongst journalists and automotive industry professionals.

Autowriters Registry

Campbell PR maintains the most comprehensive and current directory of people who cover the automotive industry. We go beyond simply knowing a name and address. We stay on top of what kinds of information a journalist prefers to get, the format they prefer and how and where they would like to receive it.

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